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Perhaps you've heard of quantum healing, a form of alternative medicine promoted by famous names like Deepak Chopra.

Quantum healing— which is also known as quantum therapy— is a little hard to explain. By combining ideas from mind-body medicine with quantum physics, meditation, and Eastern medicine, it purports that you can heal your body, mind, and spirit by shifting energy at a quantum (or subatomic) level. You'll often hear of quantum healing practitioners talk about using your own body’s "life force" to heal you from within. "Life force" is similar to the Chinese idea of "chi" or the Indian idea of "prana."

Quantum healing is a mixture of ideas which purportedly draws from quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Advocates of quantum healing assert that quantum phenomena govern health and wellbeing. There are different versions, which allude to various quantum ideas including wave particle duality and virtual particles, and more generally to "energy" and to vibrations.

Via this blog category I deliver to you, your free Quantum Clearings Healings and Activations.

As and when directed by the most high!

I aim to deliver this service at least once a week so you receive the greatest benefits from my assistance as you establish and nurture your roots here in the 5D new earth.

the proses is quite simple really. the work is already done, prepared and awaiting you and your sacred yes to receive..

I will publish hear via this public Quantum section. All you need do, is this..

Read the blog, if its resonating and your souls wish to receive, then say YES..

If we so wish to maximise and activate it with the power of 3, then we activate it with the power of 3, Say YES, YES, YES.

Simple, yes..

Effective, absolutely..

Powerful, undeniably..

All because you remembered you are the creator of your life and only you have the empowerment to say how your life should be.

I would like to take a minute to mention, this is a beautiful gift that I am honoured to share with you and there is no obligation pay for this service in any way shape or form.

But if you so wish to offer a donation, I would gracefully receive with love and gratitude, as way of my appreciation.

I do offer special extras to my members, as well as access to the members forum, other services and information. you will receive huge benefits for becoming a member for as little as £1.44 per week. I would be so very pleased to see you there. But if not, please do not hesitate you are so very welcome to access and receive these free quantum sessions via the blog. So still take a little look around as you please.

You will still have access to the free blogs (not all, some are for members). As well as the open Public Forum and Shop. I invite you to come take a look around the site, join in with the chats or possibly start your own discussion via the forum. Browse the shop, I offer weekly Pick a Pile Tarot and Oracle readings, Personal Automatic Writing via Email and other packages are available too.

Other then that, if you so wish to become a member with us here, then please feel free to do so, at any time.. I cant wait to meet you, as your all slowly but surly arriving in our 5D new Earth embodiment. If you would like any more information, please feel free to reach out.

I thank you, take care

and always be blessed..

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