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Grow Your Vision

Don't chase, don't beg,

don't stress, don't be desperate, just relax.

When you relax, it will

come to you.

Make your wants

want you.

Make yourself a priority.

Come meet me

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Welcome and blessings beloveds. I thank you so very much for joining me here on this new creation, I’m so very excited to be here with you. I am here to help you blossom into your New Earth reality and spiritual embodiment's within your true divine beauty and blueprint. That we all hold within us, regardless of who we are. Where we’re from, or what ever level of spirituality we believe we possess for ourselves.. As to my understanding, No man gets left behind, and wouldn’t it just be absolutely divine if it all runs smoothly and effectively.

I am not an technical genius, yet!. but I am a Tarot and Oracle card reader, I speak in Light language and God Code, I perform and access Infinite and Quantum Activations, Clearings and Healings. Earth Magic, through the Lay-lines and Sacred sites. I am Reiki Master, Clairvoyant, I do Chakra balancing, Divine alchemy, I;m a Spiritual life Coach, Gained Master Shamanism through Journying, Ritual and Ceremony.. And now realising this is the coolest CV I’ve ever done, to date.. 

Daily we update and integrate together with the cosmic energies and Gods plan. Utilising and working directly with Earth Magic, anchoring us directly into our New Earth reality with Gaia on  individual and collective levels. So we can utilise and birth all our hearts desires in to your New Earth reality. Here, you can explore our Quantum Healings, Activations and Clearings.

In all our programs, and sessions. To awaken our souls truths and linage.. regardless if we’re starting out or a master within our own field. Together as one, Soul Family, God Blessed..

  • Guidance for Future Goals and Desires.

  • Free daily quantum healings, clearings and activations for all. 

  • Weekly blog with tarot guidance. 

  • Members access to Heavenly Earth Roots group and community.

  • Inner Growth and Spiritual Development. 

  • Support throughout your spiritual awakening and journey regardless of where your currently at.

  • Free members specials, collective readings and healings directly throughout the Quantum fields and Gaia's lay lines.

Areas covered include:
  • Spiritual Evolution, Tarot reading and Quantum Session Via Email, Zoom or UK phone calls.

  • Spiritual life coaching.

  • Offers and promotions.

  • Open new Earth community invite family and friends to join. All is welcome.

  • safe and protected zone, to express individuality freely.

  • Entry into the one code.

  • Freedom from the place that doesn't suit you, find your souls truth.

All sessions must be done online, via Email,  phone call or zoom. Please contact us for any personal queries