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Public Quantum, 7th march

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Thank you so very much for joining me hear today. I'm so very honered to be here with you on this blessed day. we have a lot of information coming through today, but more then anything what I feel the need to say is:

" Welcome to your 5D New Earth Reality.." and that right there is why its a Blessed Day.

listed below is all things that came thru in todays session.

when you give your sacred yes, you will receive directly throughout the Quantum Fields and Gaia. receiving throughout all your embodiments, space, time and dimensions.

Todays motivational quote:

No one can take away

what's meant to be yours.

It may take longer then you want,

but in the end,

it will come to you.

todays affirmation:

I feel happy, I am happy.

Please be mindful that this blog is intended for everybody and if something dose not resonate it maybe not intended for you. so with this in mind you can go through the list individually or set the intention to receive all that is meant for you, for your highest and best good only. Either way you choose will be absolutely perfect for you and will work absolutely fine.. If you would like a personal please check out the shop area, to see whats available at this time.

You can give your sacred YES in many ways, go with what every feels best for you.. You could say it, in your mind or out loud, you could set the intend as stated above, you could type in the comments box.. Trust your instincts and enjoy.

Fluorite and Tigers-eye coming in to assist you, if you would like that now say Yes

Archangel Jophiel, Zadkiel and Ariel are are coming in to assist you, if you would like that now say Yes

Sweet William (dianthus barbatus) is coming via the plant kingdom to assist you, if you would like that now say Yes, yes, yes.

Luciferin agender if no more, if you would like that now say YES,YES,YES

Your roots are now bedded into the 5D new earth, to cleanse water and nurture them with divine love via the blood of Christ say yes.

all sent directly to your higher self for your sacred yes for the highest and best good of yourself and all that surround you. if you would like that now say Yes

Ground you in to your new 5d reality thru the lay lines. If you would like that now say Yes

your ready and willing to step forward to claim your true souls gifts.. YES YES YES

  • Clearing all limitlessness

  • Clearing dark gunk (Depression)

  • Clearing Confusion

  • Android

  • A Spells are broken

  • Freedom from the old Matrix

  • Manipulation cleared

  • Activate our new earth reality's truth

  • Resistance is cleared

  • Entering on channel of flow instead

  • Acceptance of true Souls Calling

  • Activate Strength,

  • Activate Optimism

  • Clear space

  • Release old restraints blocks

  • Clear receiving blocks

  • Redeem redemption codes

  • Clairaudience

  • Connect back to higher self

  • Blossoming dreams

  • Receive souls divine blue print

  • Integrated into flesh self

  • Nurturing self

  • Self patience

  • Allowing transmutation and upgrades

  • Fully grounded in new earth

  • To be welcomed in to new earth, as part of the ONECODE

  • Embrace our truths

  • Be courageous

  • Clear ego mind

  • Archangel Michael to cut cord to all things draining your empowerment

  • Replaced with divine truth of Soul Empowerments

  • Clearing all desire to run from your own truth

  • Activate internal and external divine beauty

  • With authenticity

  • Physical body restored

  • PH balance neutralised

  • Light of Christ over your vessel

  • Activating and healing your cells, blood, organs, muscle tissue, bone structure

  • Arthritis cleared

  • Genetic malfunctions cleared

  • Limiting programming deactivated

  • Honour and celebrate your physical embodiment

  • Physical alchemy of Christ runs thru you now

  • Infusing god self in to confidence

  • Believing in yourself

  • Allowing the prosses

  • Earth magic to replenish you

  • Clearing Ego timing and replace with Divine timing

  • With clarity and understanding

  • Trust and allowing with compassion and understanding

  • All happens naturally.

  • Intune with the vibration on New Earth

  • Fully grounded and supported

  • Take you place in new earth hierarchy

  • Fall in love with life again

  • Fall in love with ourselves throughout all embodiments

  • Take action

  • Fluorite via crystal kingdom

  • Tigers eye via crystal kingdom

Thank you so very much for joining me here, I hope to see you again soon.

take care, be blessed

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