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Karmic loop Reset

Hay Beloveds, I hope all is well and your having a blessed day.

today I'm been called to share with you some automatic writing followed by a short Quantum session. But we'll get into that in a moment.

Automatic writing that came through, I do hope all makes sense to you beloved;

All will be dissipated from the old earth programming system, re evaluated and reassigned a new role within the new earth template.

We must rid ourselves of unwavering dept and loops in which we see karma returning.

This is a very necessary prosses and will ultimately assist all humanity.

This is what we must do to ready ourselves.

Quantum Session, Via jurisdiction of the most High;

Karmic loop reset

Paranormal activity clearing

Unwavering faith in our truths

Clearing genetic malfunction (I'm hearing in the frontal lobe)

Substance misuse is eradicated

Fresh glowing flesh

Healthy skin and complexion

Bone structure reprograming and upgrades

Galactic component reset (In the minds eye)

3rd Eye awakened fully cleared healed and reactivated,

Rib cage healing and infused with the loving light of protection (to protect your heart space)

Activating the dove in the heart space, for contentment.

All is done and complete..

If you would like that now say yes.

This is all done and complete on all levels space time and dimensions, all you have to do if you wish to receive from the Most High through me, directly to you, is give your sacred and holy YES, YES, YES..

Amen all praise to Father/Mother God

I thank you and I love you

God bless

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