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What's, the Word? 🤍

I'm so very pleased to introduce you all, the new service too the site.

It's called The Word and its a completely Fast, Fun and Abserlutly Free way of Spreading the Word. A few times a week it will be updated and refreshed. So please do call back, as and when you are guided to receive the new content. Abserlutly Free Clearings, Healings and Activations and Awakenings.. Whatsoever comes through.

I'm delivering the word, under juristiction on the most high, God.

Together with your sacerd and holy Yes to Receive .. Heres why:

I work with both Heaven and Earth Magic for this, because i am a child of both Farther God and Mother Gaia. We all have a reason why we are hear , this is mine... Please do feel free to take a little look and open the explanations down below to see how all this works.

Much Love,

Elisia Moon.

Quantum Field Healing 🤍

Every thing is sent directly sent to you via the Quantum Fields, to you, your Higher Self and Inner Child versions of self throughout all Space, Times and dimensions, including all our lifetimes, right back to the root seed of conception of your souls incarnation. all the way to the divine blueprint of your soul self.

As above, so below.

Gets delivered to your Stella Gateway Chakra and down to your Crown Chakra and all throughout your chakra body, into your energy field and flesh embodyment.

Earth Magic Healing 🤍

Healing, Clearing and Activations 🤍

As both Quantum and Earth healings are sent. They intergrate into your Energy Field, Chaka System, and Flesh Embodyment. They infuse down from your Stella Gateway Chakra and up from your Earth Star Chakra merging at the Heart Space Chakra. When Heaven and Earth Meet in the Heart Space. This beautiful unconditianal love bursts out Healing's, Clearing's, Activation's and Awakenig's.. In this space miricals are birthed. Well that would be Heaven on Earth, would it not?

So in this way, what ever comes through only in the name of Christ s birthed directly out of your Heart Space Chakra and its throgh this unconditional love. That Gods will, will be done.. Hear on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Your New Earth Destiony. 🤍

Jerermiah 29:11


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