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Todays, Pick a Pile..

Messages from the Heart of the Divine Oracle Deck created by Ashley River Brart.

Today we are been asked to allow ourselves to be Guided by Love..

Your Spiritual Team are fully supporting you along your path and are awaiting you to let them guide you. They may be trying to communicate via signs, dreams, numbers, patterns and inspiration. They are wanting to give you comfort you, give you insight into your heart, sudden inner knowing's and directions.

Perhaps your not listening. Or perhaps magical manifestations and opportunity's are waiting to appear but can not flow because you are not open to receive them in your current awareness .

They want to say that it is safe to let spirit in to guide you on your journey. Open your heart to beings of pure love and light only and listen. Stay open in your heart and trust whatever unfolds..

Find peace in your heart, in yourself and trust your inner knowing.

and bring forth Awareness and Gratitude for your Spiritual team. they are ready for you now.

Pile 1: Authentically you.

You are been asked to stand tall in your individuality.

It takes so much energy and effort to be someone your not and this depletes your energy. The moment we step outside of ourselves we loose our composer, our sense of self, we loose balance and disconnect from our own inner wisdom and truths.

But the beautiful thing is that just been you, just a you are, is an act o service unto the word. We will attract every thing we need as we show up to embody our truths. We are all individual not like any other so be yourself, no matter where you are along your journey. This is your greatest honour and you will always be protected along your path. You truly are a beautiful and unique spirit. Hold your head high and own your authenticity.

Channelled: "This us what will set your heart, mind, body and soul free dear one I am always hear, allow me to guide you along this blessed path you have chosen, even if you can not see it straight away. this is your destiny. My beloved will honour you as you honour me".


I choose my own way forward.

I am my own Guiding light of unconditional love.

Thank You Pile 1

Take Care, Be Blessed.

Pile 2: Rest Your Mind.

Be at peace within your mind, our minds are powerful tools often misused by the conditions and belief systems we inherit as we grow up. We must not forget to use our mind for logic and understanding when we truly need it and move away from the friction and the disillusionments we create when we overanalyse, other wise we would become stuck and limited. you can master the realms of the mind to learn and grow not to control.

Be at ease and give your mind a rest, possibly you have been navigating to much with the mind of late, this card reminds you to allow your thoughts to settle and be at one with the inner wisdom and guidance coming from the power of your heart. Strengthen your meditation practice, or possible start a new routine to support the shift.

Channelled: "Visualise the world you desirer to manifest. Visualise your dream in to reality and allow this vision to be the divine spark that lights your way. Your soul tribe will take care of the rest, its time to awaken the dreamer within your heart space. Don't be afraid to ask your soul tribe for assistance and protection as you set the intention to be shown your greatest dreams and visions for your life, through dreamtime and meditation. this is where the deeper parts of your psyche hold the truth to your divine blueprint and divine purpose. trust that what you receive is meant for you and your path".


I create healthy boundaries,

supporting my personal growth and


Thank You Pile 2

Take Care, Be Blessed.

Pile 3: Returning to the Elements

The natural world all around you is calling you to, slow down take a deep breath and tune into nature. As you close your eyes and breath, take in the smells and sounds of the natural world around you. Feel free if you wish to connect with the elements, (earth fire air and water), ask the elements for a message. When you do this, notice what you feel and sense, you could always work with the elements. Possibly light a candle for fire, a feather for air, a crystal for earth and some water.

Gaia speaks of love and generosity, this is her seed of life. Allow nature shows you the simplest of ways.

If you have been feeling off balance, call upon Mother Earth to root you securely into her tender embrace.

The elements are calling you, offering you their healing love and wisdom. All you have to do is listen.

Channelled: As you connect with Gaia and allow her beautiful healing seeds of love and light to be implanted within your womb, these seeds will to come into manifestation and be birthed into your reality. hold the intent for Mother Gaia to root you into your bountiful new life and allow earth magic to be absorbed up your roots into your flesh vessel.


my mind is open to new

experiences that will transform

my life.

Thank You Pile 3

Take Care, Be Blessed.

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