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The word.

Individually we must stand before God with our hearts wide open and our hand reached out . 

Only then can he unite us all back home as one.

There is power in gods word, to change you're life in all ways.

What's involved

Here i provide the Messages, Guidance, Activations, Clearings whatsoever is coming through Via the Most High God.  Im full conected under jurisdicion of God to my Golden Tribe of Light

on and off planet. 

This a compleatly free gift, directly from the Most High from Me to You. Everything is sent directly to you Via the Quantum Fields and through the Laylines of mother Gaia.

What ever comes through is sent directly to You, your Higher Self and Inner Child. 

In all ways Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, Psycohologicaly, and Hereditary.

Only With your Sacred and Holy YES  will you receive,  for your Highest and Best Good Only.

This will be replaced, and updated and refreshed multiple times throughout the week. So please do check back in as and when you feel guided. Thank you


The Quantum Fields

Qunantum healing shows us that we have much more power, to affect our bodys then ever previously imagined.

Using God Code, Light Language. I receive directly from the Most High and send it directly to you via the network of electrons and atoms that creats the vast network that forms the electromagnetism of the Quantom Fields.

Image by Michèle Eckert

Why, say Yes?

Is Yes is the critical word? 


Nothing, abreslutly nothing will or can happen  without your Sacred and Holly Yes. You just as the rest of us have Free Will. Don't worry you dont have o say yes to everything and even if you did your Higher Self would kick it out if its not ment for you. Hence why you it get sent to all versions of self, for your highest and best good.

Remember this is for everyone.

so if it dont feel like its you'rs, dont take it, theres no pressure. Or do and allow your Highter Self to filter through it for you, on your behalf.

Image by Subhash Nusetti

The Laylines

Similar to Quantuam Healing, but we collaborate and work with mother Gaia's Laylines. They are as beautifful cords that carry energy throughout Gaia. These cords deliver you energy wherever you are on the globe and of all things, everything is nothing but energy. They hold such power that holds a vast energetic magnetic structure.

Whats coming through today...


-Release the fragmented ego, thats causing confusion, self doubt, lack and realign fully back home with truth with clarity, balance, peace and love.


-Clear any and all  weeds and obstacles that are preventing you from planting, nurturing and thriving as new earth seedlings.


-Awaken Divine Feminine gifts of creation, to co-create with the universe.

Awaken your soul's turth of who you are and why your here.


-Remove the Jezebel entity out of you, your home, your family commitments and community.


-Remove any and all illusions that are preventing you from seening the truth of Gods plan and new earth hierarchy that he is offering to  you.


Close out the old earths Matrix mechanisms of controle , that it had over you, clearing all brainwashing and deciet. So you can step fully into New Earth, ready and prepared to bloom with Love, Peace, Protection, and Prosperity.


-Activate your new earth stability, fulfilment, security, protection, nurturing and abundace in all areas of your life both from Heaven and Earth, regardless of who you are or what your new earth role involves.


Plant the seeds and recive full activation of your truest off passion withiin your heart, nurture it and allow it to bloom with ease and greace, into all its glory.


-Realise any and all karmic wounds and triggers that are no longer serving you, they are preventing you from colsing out this old cycle of dissatisfaction,  lack and abandonment once and for all.


Recive  a full energy body clensing healing and activarion. release all stored pain and blocks. out of the heart, mind, body and soul. 

 Tap into the Crystalline Kingdom and allow them to stabilize you, bringing in fresh new energy and ideas to fully suport you and all that you do moving forward.


-Heal all wounds and triggers that are preventing you from allowing God in, so you can embrace your hearts truest of path  back home to unconditinal love, bliss and unity.

To Receive, Just Say.. Yes,Yes,Yes.

My responses, to the most frequently asked questions.
I do this not becouse i have too, but because my heart is calling me too.. I do this becouse I was once so very lost, I was saved by Christ, in so many ways.. I do this becouse I care so very much,  I feel it overflowing in my heart.. I do this becouse I know this is why am here, with all of you, at this very moment, at this very time.
I work with both Heaven and Earth because I am a child of both Father God and Mother Gaia.. I work with both because I know every one of us is spiritual, but not always in the same way... I work with both because I've been so very blessed to have both beigns of love and light form both Heaven and Earth,
in my golden tribe.

Elisia Moon . 🤍